Territory and trans-gression


Modi Operandi 03 presents ‘Territory and trans-gression: an architecture of failure’, a project for an alternative model of resilience in post-exploitation zones by architect Pedro Daniel Pantaleone. In the publication, Pantaleone’s project is ‘framed’ by the contributions of scholars familiar with the topics raised. Patrick Healy brings forward a reflection on the thesis by unfolding the problem of fragmentation of meaning and symbolic relations inherent in the work of Pantaleone and his reading of ‘failure of modernity’. Healy places the ontological consequence of this reading in the context of some of the most advanced thinkers of modernity such as Benjamin, Adorno, Kracauer and so on. Healy reviews the project not only in the context of the content of the project but also its methodology and the procedure of performing towards a project- rather than a finite object. In his reflection, Oscar Rommens, focuses on the various phases in the process of the making of this project. Specifically, he addresses the agency of drawing as a mode of knowing and perhaps what Patrick Healy refers to it in his text as “tacit knowledge”. He identifies five shifts in the drawings of the project as acts of: informing, reconstruction, collecting, construction and representation.

Delft, November, 2021
Negar Sanaan Bensi
Modi Operandi 03 Editor


TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture