Spaces in play


Modi Operandi 02 presents ‘Spaces in Play’, a project for an Institute of Memory in Bucharest by architect Reena Ardeshana. In the publication, Ardeshana’s project is ‘framed’ by the contributions of scholars familiar with the topics raised. Martin Gledhill brings forward a Jungian understanding of intuition, memory and identity, arguing for their dualistic presence in architectural design. Gledhill elaborates self-reflection as well as engagement with context as the mean to achieve a ‘true self’ in architecture. In her contribution, Nasim Razavian initially differentiates between architecture in play and the architecture of play, but in the end, via a detour that discusses the great tradition of spatial ordering in Wunderkammers, arrives at the insight that there is always a relational dependency between play and architecture at stake.

Delft, December 2019
Marc Schoonderbeek
Modi Operandi 02 Editor


TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture